Networking Ubiquity™

Tired of beardos running your world? Controlling your servers? Downloading your files? We are too. Announcing UbiqHost™ from GXM Networks — host your website assets in a peer-managed content delivery cloud, fully ubiquitous, whilst maintaining full control over your content and customer data.

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Providing world class Ubiquity™ for our clients.

  • Shavery™, Ubiquity™ 1.0 compliance
  • Fights the beardo™, at all times
  • Discounts available for Technological Freedom Churches


Is your application becoming Ubiquitous? GXM can help you continue to fight the beardo.

  • Meatfist Standard Technology - included
  • Partnership with Meatfist Liberty Systems - included
  • Worrying about beardos interfering with your plans - NOT INCLUDED

What is Ubiquity©®

Finally, a provider that "gets it".

  • Unlimited access to Meatfist General Principles verification services
  • Consulting available from Liberty Systems and partner providers
  • All employees subjected to rigorous beardo background checks

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What do our customers say?

GXM Networks provided us with a wide range of technical advice, expertise and above all, ubiquity. No provider can operate in their sphere with their capabilities!

Klaus Rimsteiner, Liberty Systems